How to fit a letter box - DIY Tip 14

How to fit a letter box or letter plate

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  • First decide where you want to put your letterbox on the door. Use the letterbox as a template and draw around it, you can position it correctly by measuring from the top of the rail (it is being fitted in) to the top of the letterbox.
  • If you are a perfectionist you can make sure that the letterbox is positioned both vertically and horizontally by using a spirit level. Make sure you also take note of the spring mechanism (if there is one) and mark this opening on the door. sell lots of different Letter Plates but the FLAPMASTER keeps draughts to a minimum.


                                       An image of a modern flapmaster letter box.
  • Cut out the wasted wood by using a jigsaw or padsaw.

  • To help start this off, drill small holes at opposite corners of the template drawing, remember to use a timber block on the opposite side of the door and at the position where the drill will appear to prevent the door splintering.

  •  Mark where the fixing bolts will be positioned, some letter plates such as the Flapmaster type we sell are screw fixed rather than bolt fixed.

  •  Drill the holes for the fixing bolts.

  • Hold a small block of wood on the other side of the door in the same space you are drilling, this will prevent the wood from splintering when the bit passes through.

  • Sand any rough edges of the newly cut apertures.

  • Fix the bolts in position with the fixing nuts, you may need to cut the bolts down at the back if they protrude past the nut. This can be done with a hacksaw.

That should be the letter box fitted and hopefully keeping the postie happy.

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