Fire doors

We have now reconstructed our Fire Doors section.

The quantity of doors available within the site now exceeds 200 with up to 9 sizes including 1981x610mm, 1981x686mm, 1981x762mm, 1981x838mm and 2032x813mm, we also supply doors in "real"  metric sizes such as 2040x626mm, 2040x726mm, 2040x826mm and 2040x926mm, most of the aforementioned door sizes are also avalable in matching non fire door types.

                                             Panel Fire Doors

Our mention of "real" metric sizes relates to doors that are more likely to be found in houses that are less than 40 years old, these doors in non fire options are 40mm thick.

All fire doors of a 30 minute rating are 44mm thick, the non fire equivalents are 35mm thick for imperial sizes and 40mm thick for the metric sizes.

                                             Fire doors with glass

We realise there are are a lot of doors and a number of sizes, combine this with whether the doors are to be Flush, Panel or with glass and then add to the mix by having to decide on prefinished doors or doors that you finish (decorate) yourself and the choice could be confusing but thats not the case, we have sub-devided each door section to make browsing simpler.......

                                             Flush fire doors


Simply choose between Flush Fire Doors, Panelled Fire Doors or Fire Door with Glass    

Whatever you require....just ask, we are genuinely here to help.

Email or call 01968 671681 with your questions or requirements.