External Doors & Frames, Decoration

 We are able to offer a complete factory finishing service for any external door supplied by us, this service would add 7 or more days to your delivery but we can assure you the quality of the finish is absolutely stunning.

DirectDoors.com have eight different finishes as a basic introductory starter, four are timber colours and four are paint finishes, the amount of finished colours or stains that we can offer is virtually endless.

As a basic procedure when we paint external doors we give them a primer coat, a base coat and at least three top coats, when we stain or use any "wood Colours" we give a base coat and at least three finishing coats, most importantly we do this to all surfaces (In & Out) to alllow any moisture to movement to be equal within the timber.


Our experience and those of companies of similar standing and experience try to offer the best advice first and price second, the paragraph above has tried to advise the reader why we do the decoration the way we do, moisture movement is important in timber doors as any difference to the amount of decoration from one side (Inside to outside) of the door to the other can have an adverse effect.

The finish is second to none and allows for the door to be safely fitted in any weather condition that may be prevailing on the day of installation, please do not allow your carpenter to persuade you to rush the installation and do the decoration of your external door at a later date, it is simply not good enough to do so and will lead to problems at a later date


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