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EasiSlide White door System ..........delivered within 48-72 hours, Islands and exports by arrangement.

A fantastic new style of sliding white door & frame system, lots of styles and sizes can be created including white flush doors, white panelled doors and white doors with glass.

The width of glass or panels may vary from shown depending on the width of the doors and matching sides depending on the door / side screen size that you have chosen and the frame pack may be larger (wider) than noted on the site. Please be careful when choosing your overall size, all the details are clear with regard to sizes, lots to think about but it will always be an "Easy-Slide" Door System decision as far as the options available.

The facts;

Any white door size with a height of 1981mm can be used within permissible limits such as using matching 35mm thicknesses of fixed side screens, the options are however almost endless in terms of using different widths of doors compared to the widths of the side screens and lastly.... you cannot use any door that has a projecting moulding as this would interfere with the opening of the door(s).

Our intention in the following category was to offer unrivalled versatility and thereby allow you to create a white sliding door and frame combination that will suit your home, room and furniture layout.

Please be careful in choosing the correct product, be aware that the text accompanying the images gives clear indication of which sections are "fixed sides" and which images are door pairs with fixed sides or single doors which also have fixed sides, the fixing of the side and construction of the kit has to be completed on site and as such there will be an element of joinery skills required as the overall frame etc will need cut to suit your chosen overall width.

Quick Note Details:
Assembly Instruction Details:
Tech Spec Details:

 Not all doors have a Paint N Peel facility for ease of decoration where required, call 01968 671681 for any clarification or assistance.

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