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Delivering excellence, inside and out From XL Joinery!

Most doors delivered within 48-72 hours to anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

That’s what we strive to do, deliver quality XL Joinery products and excellence in service at competitive prices.

We handpick all our XL Joinery internal and external doors using our unsurpassed experience to offer you the widest choice in design and innovation. Combine this with our dedicated after-sales support team and you’ll have peace of mind that we will find the right products for your needs, be it inside or out!

The XL Joinery range of extrenal doors and Internal Doors, advanced design and construction combined with modern styling and choice.

A large range of XL Doors set out in such a way as to make easy browsing for the product that best suits your home.

Oak, Walnut, Pine, White, Glass, Panelled or Flush and Fire doors, lots of choice, lots of quality.

Double Doors - Pairmaker Style........

This is a range of XL Joinery double doors specifically created and set so that you can visualise the end result to allow you to design your own style of double door and also to increase the range of sizes (by 10mm aprox) within a particular style of door by adding the "Pairmaker" component if you wish to have a centre rebate, not all doors can have the "pairmaker" added as some doors have a "rebated meeting rail" where the doors meet in the middle, please see the individual products description and advice text.

Our XL Joinery Panel Fire Doors in these categories are suitable for use in both flats and houses and will suit a wide range of needs, whatever your home’s décor. It is important to us that these fire doors satisfy the most rigorous of fire regulations whilst also looking great.  

Information and guidance on adding Fire & Smoke seals.

Modern flatted properties are usually fitted with external fireproof doors as standard and most of these are Flush Fire Doors,  this is due to our greater understanding of the importance of preventing and containing a blaze to allow the maximum time possible to vacate a burning building. 

Some Fire Door Info................... Why do I need to fit fire doors?


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