Sliding Doors - Internal Doors


The range of doors within this category and sub categories will encompass sliding glass doors, wardrobe sliding doors and sliding doors as room dividers.......... a massive range but easy to navigate and at prices that are truly affordable.

Glass Sliding doors:

The glass doors for items such as the "Vetroglide Classic" and "Vetroglide Tech" are usually delivered within 1-2 days, they consist of 8mm thick "easy-clean" satin safety glass with an option to have the same style of glass but with clear design lines and all our prices as usual include vat and delivery within the UK mainland.

The Vetroglide "classic" relates to the style of the high quality stainless steel track and hanger fittings while the "Tech" is a more modern chic and sleek style of hanger and once again is very high quality stainless steel, both doors have stainless steel round finger pull handles included.

Sliding Doors:

The sliding room divider doors utilise our massive collection of doors and frames in oak or white and encompass panel doors, flush doors and doors with glass........... various overall door widths are all displayed for you to be sure of what to expect and also allow you to choose traditional, contemporary or modern door styles, simply the biggest range in the UK.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors:

A practical solution, no more doors that stick out, no more opening your lovely new bedroom door only to bang in to the wardrobe door and no more wondering if you can match ALL your doors no matter what they are used for....... now you can.

The sliding wardrobe doors are a completely new approach in as much as they will utilise all our door range where it is practical to do so, this allows you to mix and match your passage doors to any bedroom and have the wardrobe match, we will be offering 2, 3 and possibly 4 door versions where the weight limit of the sliding track permits.

Wardrobe doors in oak, walnut, white, grey painted, laminated face name it we will be offering it.

The other possibility is to create floor to ceiling bespoke sliding wardrobe doors, if you don't see what you want just ask!

The next time you consider fitting sliding wardrobe doors please consider we will endeavour to provide you with all our experience and years of installation within the uk for all types of doors.

Duo Swing Ergon Doors:


Reduces space demand by 50%

Thanks to the innovative mechanism, the door can be pushed or pulled open from either side as easily as any normal swinging door. Doors with Ergon Duo Swing technology occupy 50% less space.

A new technology that resolves space management and circulation issues among rooms.

Limits expense:

ERGON® Living is a valid alternative to all door systems. No alterations to walls are necessary. It does not limit design options since the system can be used with all door types: wood, glass, metal, plastic.

Usable space in minimal areas:

The system provides you the homeowner with enhanced options for rationalizing space, allowing you to develop new furnishing possibilities even in small spaces.

The kit makes it possible to produce this door with the rototranslation mechanism.

Conflicts with other doors and limited layouts are no problem for an ERGON Duo Swing door. A fully adequate entrance hall can be created in just 4 sqm.

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