Fully Prefinished Door & Frame Set Kits - The DD DSK Range - Internal Door Set Kits

DirectDoors.com offer the largest range of fully prefinished door set kits in the UK;

Why you should choose our kits, read on and find out why!

  • This prefinished door range includes everything you need without any items being pre-fitted and with the frame flat packed.
  • UK wide delivery is included as is VAT.
  • Absolutely the largest range in the UK.
  • One all-inclusive low cost price per chosen kit but with lots of options included.
  • Inclusive of the door, a choice of frame kit, a choice of architrave, a choice of quality handles, latch & hinges……………….all supplied.
  • Very stylish handles, latch and hinges that can be Satin Chrome or Polished Chrome.
  • Two frame breadths (for a large range of options)
  • Two architrave styles for most doors and enough for both sides of one frame.
  • Prefinished across a broad range of door styles.
  • All glass complies with UK standards.
  • Minimum joinery work required but the frame does require cutting to suit each door size and the latch, handles and hinges require fitting from the outset.
  • The most cost effective way to own one of our beautiful door set kits.
  • These door kits are classed as "Bespoke Products" and may not be accepted for return or if they are there will be a restocking charge.

This door set kit is a low cost but high quality alternative to the prefabricated doorsets available from other suppliers, all kits are suitable for both new build and renovation projects and have been developed to reduce door and frame kit installation times to just 60 minutes.

The DirectDoors.com doorset kit system also allows for at least two frame breadths to accommodate variations within a given wall thickness, a fairly common issue encountered in the home or on-site.

Fixing brackets and screws for the frame will be required and are not supplied with each doorset,  however, screws are supplied for the latch, handles and hinges.


Firstly.......... The main product image may not show the exact architrave style as there are two to choose from for lots of the products, each product states what the door is both in terms of the veneer or the fact that it is prefinished, the individual product will then state what the frame and architrave options are, some doors may have more options than others dependant on the supplier but everything is set out for you to make an informed decision and final purchase. You can select from the following............

  • Oak veneered doors, frames and architraves that are fully decorated (prefinished) to provide a door set kit.

Glazed Doors;

Glazed doors are supplied with glass meeting the requirements of BS EN 12600.

Frame kits and architraves are either solid timber or veneer wrapped timber or MDF depending on suppliers stock.


Access and Facilities for Disabled Facilities - Building Regulations Part M (England & Wales) / Building Regulations Part R (Northern Ireland).

DirectDoors.com doorset kits are available in a variety of door widths to meet the regulations and specific project requirements. Please note, that these regulations include specific requirements, such as unobstructed space on the opening side of the door and the location of glazing panels, you must take every care to ensure that you are complying with any new build or planning requirements.


Building Regulations Part F (England & Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part K (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part K (Northern Ireland).

Changes to Building Regulations Part F now require the installation of all interior doors to incorporate a typical threshold gap of 10mm, as mentioned above, you must take every care to ensure that you are complying with any new build or planning requirements. Responsibility for compliance is with the door installer, who must modify the frame jamb position or length according to the adjacent finished floor level.

Fire Safety;

Building Regulations Part B (England & Wales) / Scottish Technical Standards Part D & E (Scotland) / Building Regulations Part E (Northern Ireland).

We are currently not supplying a fire set option for the kit but we do supply the largest range of fire doors in the UK.

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