Glass Doors - Special Apertures - Interior Office Doors

Please Note: 

Regardless of delivery timescales these products go in to immediate production therefore all of these doors are deemed "SPECIAL ORDER" and any orders cancelled by the customer cannot be refunded.

Apertures and doors were individually fire rated and tested; however as a unit they were not fire assessed and may not comply with fire standard requirements.

Office Doors with Special Apertures:

All our office doors with special round and square metal apertures (SlimPro and LoPro) are certified in the following manner, our door suppliers are able to provide proof of performance showing the individual door successfully completed a rigorous fire test to the BS 476 Part 22 standard or the European equivalent BS EN 1634, the fire rated aperture has then been separately tested and certified, the certification relates to a door and then the aperture individually and a dialogue should be undertaken with your planning and / or fire officer as to the requirements for compliance.

All doors are supplied without intumescent fire and smoke seals, any doors shown as a pair are supplied as individual doors which will be as close a match as possible for veneers and colours.


We use several different styles of circular vision frames or square vision frames to form glazed openings (apertures) in this range, portholes for doors, square glazed openings, oblong glazed openings...............and specials!

Slimport Vision Frames:

The ZEROplus top selling Slimport is a round metal porthole window (or circular vision frame to give its correct name) for installation in doors, walls and partitions.

Slimport metal porthole windows are available to suit four different door cut-outs: 250mm, 350mm, 450mm and 550mm. With countersunk holes in the bevel return on one side only, and 25mm screws that pass through the door cut-out and fix internally, the Slimport looks good aesthetically, and is totally free from visible fixings on the corridor side.

Door Glass & Thickness:

Slimport porthole window frames are available to suit the four most popular door thicknesses of 40mm, 44mm, 50mm and 54mm with a tolerance of ±2mm. The glazing pocket is 10mm wide (±2mm in relation to the door thickness) to accommodate 6mm-thick glass and appropriate glazing tape. If you have other door and glass thickness combinations please contact us for more information.

Fire Testing:

Slimport porthole windows have been fully fire-tested in timber and steel doors - please refer to our notes above.

LoPro Vision Frames:

The LoPro is easy to install and provides a low profile, ‘flush to the door look’. Uses 44mm sheet metal screws that pass through the door cutout, and fasten to the opposite side of the vision frame, thus eliminating the need to drill the door for through bolts and saving installation time and labour. It also leaves the corridor side of the frame free of fasteners for added security and a cleaner, more aesthetic appearance.


20GA. Cold Rolled Steel.

Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel and Galvanised Grey Primed as standard, other finishes available to special order.

For 44-46mm Metal or Timber doors. LoPro-IS suits other door thicknesses.

6mm glass as standard. Glass pocket of 10mm allows for glazing tape or compound to be used on one or both sides of the glass.

Tight mitred corners, bevelled glass stop and low profile, provide a clean tapered look.

Over forty sizes available and then we can supply any size to order.

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