Flush Interior Doors - Internal Doors

The simplest of doors, that's what most people once thought, not now, these flush doors are the "now" addition to any home, flush doesn't have to be boring.

Our range now encompasses Oak, Walnut, White, Plywood, colours and numerous prefinished doors.

There will be a large number of flush coloured doors in a seperate category under the "Interior Doors" main section, the same applies to prefinished doors but as with everything there are crossovers of styles and finishes.

Numerous size options exist, at the end of the day we provide the best product offering in as many varying styles as possible and allow you to choose whatever best suits your home, style and pocket.

Flush doors that are built to last and to impress, not only that but we can offer a massive range of "bespoke flush doors" for a very cost effective solution to those awkward opening sizes.............just browse the site to get the correct product.

Some popular flush door sizes:

  • 1981x457mm
  • 1981x533mm
  • 1981x610mm
  • 1981x686mm
  • 1981x762mm
  • 1981x838mm
  • 2032x813mm 
  • All of the above are 35mm thick, not all doors are available in all sizes.
  • We then have true metric sizes shown below, these are door sizes that are all 2040mm high but are 40mm thick, once again not all doors are available in all sizes.
  • 2040x526mm
  • 2040x626mm
  • 2040x726mm
  • 2040x826mm
  • 2040x926mm
  • Bespoke doors available up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm high, not all doors are available in all maximum sizes.
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