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Unusual, quirky door sizes, look no further than the selection contained with these categories, unique and unusual doors and features within your home that initially attracted you......... odd sized door openings can often make it difficult to source replacements doors.

Please note:

See the separate section for specific Made to Size Door Pairs and all their details, sizes and thicknesses etc.

All single doors will be 35mm or 40mm thick but you can choose either thickness as you go through the buying process, the more popular thinner (35mm) door may not be possible across all door types and for larger door dimensions, we would clarify before proceeding with any order, all fire doors in our "Fire Doors" category (not shown here) are generally 44-45mm nominal thickness.

At, we understand that not every home uses standard measurements and so we've introduced this Bespoke Service. Whether you're looking for a sized door not already in our collection or need a Fire Door upgrade on a door design, the Bespoke Door Service can help.


We do doors, we understand that even although this range is large and varied there may be a smaller door required for under the stairs, a wardrobe or that small loo, we allow lots of variances but from time to time you may need to ask us for something different, we will do our best to help at all times, Just Ask!

The range encompasses bespoke oak doors, bespoke walnut doors and bespoke white doors, we also offer a pretty big range of bespoke fire doors and then we offer bespoke door pairs.............., if we don't list it an email from you may just result in you getting exactly what you require.

Delivery Timescale & Technical:

The delivery schedule is 10 to 20 weeks depending on product choice from your sign off but the process is simple and as follows;

  1. Make your choices as you go through the buying process and place your order. 
  2. A CAD drawing is produced for sign off, our suppliers technical team is on hand to produce a detailed CAD drawing outlining your specifications and requirements. Once you are happy with the drawings and documentation, sign the form and submit back to us as your door retailer. 
  3. Your bespoke doors are manufactured using the CAD drawing as a guide, we will build your doors to this specification using rigorous quality control to make sure every inch of your doors are made to perfection.
  4. Your doors are delivered to you using our own fleet of wagons or a third-party courier, we're able to deliver without any extra charges anywhere in the UK. 

Please note that as soon as the sign off document is received these doors cannot be cancelled even although it is a 10 to 20 week delivery, the 10 to 20 weeks schedule is due to shipping and customs more so than the door construction itself.

See our full range of handles and fittings here.

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