Architects, Builders & Renovators Zone - Internal Doors

Most doors delivered within 48-72 hours, Islands and exports by arrangement.

This is a selection of what internal door sets are possible, there are many more possibilities for creating internal door sets based on our external door ranges.

Please note that all sizes in this section are shown for the door and overall including any frame, we can supply almost any of our doors as Door & Frame Sets.

This Internal Door Sets section is dedicated to the professional Builder or Architect who may require multiples of these products for new build or renovation projects, we are able to offer discounts for multiples of these doors when ordered in a batch.

Customers using this section must know how to measure frames, supply details of "handing" for doors/ frames and know the difference between having a "Threshold" fitted to the frame or not.  It is also incumbent on any purchaser knowing how and when to order correct pass door widths with regards to new build regulations.

Please contact us at or on +44 (0)1968 671 681 to see what great savings you can make on our bulk order deals. 

We can do you a great deal on a large number of internal doors!

Paint N Peel Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes: Diy Video Section

Not all doors have the Paint N Peel facility, call 01968 671681 for assistance.

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