Have you got a screw loose?

From time to time you may have noticed some screws coming loose on your door hinges, here's a simple tip to remedy this problem.

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The quick way to remedy this is as follows;

  1. Take a small piece of wood which should not be nearly as big as the diameter of a pencil and certainly not as long, probably matchstick in length to form a plug.

  2. With a sharp chisel or Stanley type knife, begin to carefully thin it down so that it is square and slightly bigger than the problematical screw-hole.
  3. Now cut a shaving off two diagonally opposite corners and to a narrower almost pointed end, do not cut all four corners.
  4. Remove one screw at a time, cutting these corners off the wood as mentioned above will allow it to twist as you gently tap it into the screw-hole, for more secure fitting, put some glue on the wood plug first.
  5. After tapping the plug into the hole, take a hammer and sharp chisel and cut through any excess plug projecting from the screw hole.
  6. Refit the hinge screws.
  7. Job Done!

Fitting Hinges

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