Universal Hardwood Fanlight Door Frame

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These frames are sold without decoration and in set sizes to suit standard size doors and the cross sections are representative but some dimensions may vary without impacting on the fitting procedure, for opening the door inwards only.

These frames offer great value but very few options for adjusting, the fanlight above the transom can be adjusted by you the customer (from the top down) and the frame legs can be cut from the bottom up so it suits shorter doors and smaller fanlights, the lintol and transom can be adjusted in width to suit narrower doors, ask us for details if you are unsure.

If you require odd size frames please refer to our range of frames that are made to order, the actual dimensions will vary from those shown in the diagrams (see the Product specs notes for actual dimensions) but are comparable with traditional frame sections.

External Door Frames, there is a glass requirement with this frame which you would need to source locally.


Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 hours anywhere on the UK mainland
Glass frosted glass
Overall frame sizes Maximum 993mm tight overall width and 2782mm high.
Draught Proofing The draught seals to the frame legs and lintol is included.
Timber Cill There in no cill below the door.
Frame Breadth, from inside to outside 68mm
Guarantee 12 months
Door Not included but available to order.
Notes All these frame items are supplied in kit form, not assembled.
Weather bar The weather bar (draught excluder) below the door and between the cill is not included but is available to order.
Size All sizes listed are the Overall frame dimensions, it is possible for you to alter these within reason on site.

1Frame Sizes, Height X Width (Required)

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68x56mm, suits exterior all door sizes (UNIFDF) £161.45
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Suits 1981x762mm, 1981x838mm, 2032x813mm, 2085x865mm and 2135x915mm Doors

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