Exterior Door Frame with Transom Rail, Suits a Single Door, Glass included, Made to Size

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More expensive as they are made to order and in most heights up to 2800mm high, prices include the glass for above the transom rail.

The easiest way to order,

1. Choose the best door size from our door selection.

2. Confirm your intended door size in the "intended door size" section of this order.

3. In the "Frame Dimensions" section below, give us your overall frame width from left to right and then give us the height from floor to lintol as required.

We can alter the frame height or adjust the door within reason, we will let you know if your sizes do not work.

Exterior Door Frame, made to size, we have allowed for the dimensions (including clearances) of a standard weather bar, if you require us to supply one of these please add the "Exitex Weatherten" bar in the fittings section, the draught proofing to the top and sides is included in the price, any doubts? put your thoughts in the notes section of your order.

Frame Breadth, from inside to outside From 80mm to 95mm
Special Note Please do not be confused by the terminology relating to timber thresholds or timber cills allied to the Bry Dry weather bar, put your thoughts in the notes section of your order if you have any doubts or concerns.
Thresholds Please tell us if there is a requirement for a timber threshold / cill between the door and the floor and what the preferred thickness is, we have shown two samples but be aware that dimensions & frame/transom heights vary if a threshold / cill is chosen.
Important The height of the transom (the rail above the door) is set at a height which depends on the door chosen and also what weather bar is chosen, we may ask further questions before manufacturing this frame item.
Glass There is a glass requirement with this frame, we will supply it with your choice of glass (from our options) and have it loose pinned in place for delivery purposes.
Notes This frame is supplied ready assembled and with a full 45mm thick cill underneath the door.
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service Made to order 14-21 days
Guarantee 12 months
Overall frame sizes The overall frame sizes or individual dimensions can be altered but may have cost implications, use the notes section of your order form to advise us of any special requirements.

1Timber Type (Required)

Unit price Quantity
Made in Far Eastern Mahogany (FRAT195TRABC) RRP: £572.96 £509.30
Made in Southern Yellow Pine (FRAT195TRASY) RRP: £572.96 £509.30
Made In Traditional Oak (FRAT195TRAAO) RRP: £701.18 £623.27
+  £0.00

Try and choose the best matching material for your choice of door, no point in choosing oak if you intend painting the frame.

2Frame Dimensions (Required)

Between 828mm and 981mm

Between 2200mm and 2800mm


Please enter the required dimensions in millimetres. Most frames can be made to order, if you need it taller, narrower or slimmer, tell us in the notes section of your order and we can confirm if it is possible.

If you need a door that's bigger or smaller than these sizes, enter your required dimensions, choose the rest of your door preferences, and you may be able to get a quotation instead of placing an order.

3Cill below the door (Required)

No cill below the door selected yet.

+  £0.00

The cill sizes listed are the sizes of the cill where it projects past the outer face of the frame.

4Frame Breadth (Required)


This is the overall size of the frame from inside to outside.

5Intended door size you will use. (Required)


Confirm what size of door you intend using, we will make to suit subject to our notes regarding a weather bar and we will assume the door is 45mm thick.

6Handing (Required)


Choose whether the frame is made for your door to open in or open out.

7Double glazing for the Transom (Required)


This is the area above the door, sometimes known as the fanlight, glass will be loose pinned for delivery purposes.

Total price

The total price for your selection is:

£0.00(inc VAT)