Joinery - Frames and Joinery

This section has a small range of skirtings, architraves, facings and wooden weather bars, we also supply a "pair maker" which is for adding to two standard doors when you want to make these doors in to a pair.

Each of the architraves, facings or skirtings are oak veneered and afford absolute stability when fitted, there are various options and styles for each product and they are clearly marked in relation to the quantity per pack.

Our oak and hardwood weather bars are "solid" timber, they are not veneered and are supplied in a traditional shape which results in them being ideal for modern or traditional refurbishment of an existing door or for fitting to any of our new exterior doors.

See how to fit skirtings HERE.

Fitting Instructions, Standard Doors:
Fitting Instructions, Metric Doors:

Call 01968 671681 for any clarification or assistance.

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