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Most doors delivered within 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

All Thruframe door products are cut to size upon receipt of order and cannot be cancelled afterwards, they are classed as a bespoke item created and manufactured by to suit your exact door dimensions.

This range of Door Frames, Wooden Windows & Joinery Products is varied, it includes Door frames, Door frames with side lights, skirtings, architraves etc.

A large number of our wooden door frames are made to order, they can therefore be made to virtually any size and in different woods.

Measuring a Door Frame:

Accurate measuring and cutting is required when you fit any Timber Door Frame so please be careful and try and live by the old carpentry adage of "Measure Twice & Cut Once".

As with any aspect of fitting a Front Door Frame or Rear Door Frame it is important to take inside sizes and outside sizes of the door frame, these should be the overall sizes, at all times it is advisable to check whether a timber threshold or cill is required.

Handing of a Door Frame:

All wooden door frames must be viewed from outside, you must therefore choose the correct "handing", e.g.; make sure you choose the glass on the correct side (left or right) of the frame when viewed from outside for frames which have this requirement, the chosen image/frame type will override any subsequent notes that you add to your order as far as the "handing" is concerned.

Any doubts, ask for advice.

Door Frames For The Home - Some Advice

Exterior: Please be aware that on all Exterior door frames you must ensure the Door Frame cill or threshold will be thick enough to allow the door to open in without fouling the step, some homes are built in such a way that the Door Frame cill actually sits lower than the interior floor level and also the Door Frame lintol can sit above the inside level of the plasterwork, we normally fit a weather bar on top of any exterior door frame cill or threshold to help with draught proofing.  

Door frames, Interior; Interior door frames are slightly different from the Exterior door frames in that they don't have cills but may have thresholds, the older the property the more likely it is that the door frames will not have a threshold.

Remember to take a total of 6mm from the door frames width and height to give some fitting tolerances. It is not uncommon to have to make the door frames smaller to ensure they can fit; any cavity can then be concealed with facings.

The Joinery Products within this section are varied.

The products include Door Architraves, Door Facings, Skirtings, Pvc trims, Timber Weather Bars and items such as "Pair Makers" which can be added to two standard size doors to make them in to a pair of doors.

Our frames and joinery products are made to complement our superior offering of great interior doors and exterior doors that are always available at low prices.

See our "How to fit architraves" blog.

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