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Our folding doors category has a large variety of internal folding doors (concertina) and external folding doors including everything you need to know about the bi folding doors cost and encompassing folding patio doors and aluminium bi-folding doors.

Most folding doors delivered within 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

A brilliant and varied range of folding doors for the home, the range encompasses Exterior Folding Doors and Interior Folding Doors in various styles and finishes.

Our oak, hardwood or white fully finished external folding doors are supplied with the glass factory installed in the doors, the frames and the locking mechanism are supplied pre-machined and in kit form with the exception of the Dale range, the latter are supplied fully manufactured and ready for immediate installation, the Dale range is also made to order, more expensive but very much a bespoke door.

Exetrior folding doors are available from standard internal bi folding doors with sizes starting at 1827mm wide and 2090mm high all the way up to our bespoke bi folding sliding doors which can be as wide as 5000mm (5 meters) and 2400mm high.

The glass in all our internal folding doors and external wooden folding doors is toughened safety glass to comply with British standards, the aluminium bi-folding doors also have safety double glazing as standard and the range of sizes for these folding patio doors is second to none.

Whether Bi folding doors, Tri folding doors or Multifold doors, we do it!

The interior folding doors vary from white doors through oak and walnut as well as flush, panelled or glazed, a massive choice in an even gretaer range of size.

A massive range of folding doors which include panelled bi fold doors, glazed bi folding doors, flush folding doors, oak bi fold doors and white folding doors, a larger range but easily navigated to provide a product that will suit your home.

Simply the best Flush Doors, Panelled Doors or Doors with Glass that will add a large degree of versatility within your home whereby rooms can be opened up for social gatherings or closed off to give you a degree of privacy or seclusion within a room. 

Please be aware that we may use narrower doors for some sizes of this product whether panelled or glazed, they may have narrower panels or glass than the image shown, this is because the timber sections that make up the doors construction remain the same size across the full range of door sizes.

All our internal bi fold doors can open towards or away from you, all you have to do is set the hinges accordingly during installation to suit your own requirements.

Our internal folding doors can be purchased as either Bi-fold Doors or Multifold doors and delivery is free to anywhere within the mainland UK regardless of the type of door selected whether it be a single bifold door for a cupboard or a large multifold door to separate a room.

It has been proven that folding doors can help cut down on heat loss within a large room, a combined dining / lounge being the most popular rooms to sub-divide and can also be used to reduce the level of noise from washing machines and other kitchen appliances in properties with open plan layouts, the range of doors is simply enormous and encompasses flush, panel and glazed options in a range of timber types such as pine, oak, walnut, beech or white primed, numerous doors are prefinished and will not therefore require any further decoration.

Our internal folding doors are subjected to our usual high specifications of construction and style so you will not be disappointed, most doors these days are veneered on a solid core or solid composite core, this type of construction ensures the stability of the door in virtually all situations, this construction also allows us to sensibly source and use the world's resources.

We have the knowledge to help you plot your way through our bi folding doors and find the bi folding doors cost that suits you, we know this massive range could be deemed a minefield with a folding door costing anything from less than £100 to £5000 and more but with the correct folding door information we can help.

The folding door section is here to provide the help you need to decide whether to adjust existing door styles or consider a bespoke manufacture of a folding door style from our range to meet your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on what folding door products and alterations would best suit you.

All of the Internal bifold (single) sizes quoted are to suit "openings" of that size, the folding door kits are always smaller by about 10mm -15mm in width and the height is smaller by 35mm-40mm to allow for the addition of the track which goes above the door set, the track is included, these clearances allow the correct operation of the Bifold track and associated hinge pins. 

Please bear the above paragraph in mind when choosing your folding doors.

Where we state that these folding doors are supplied in "Kit Form" we can assure you that the glass or panels are always fitted and that they are hinged together to form a Bi-fold pair, the glass is always toughened safety glass without exception, simply cut the supplied frame lintol if required to suit the sizes offered against each door product.

For a bright and welcoming entry into your home why not take a look at our external folding doors.

Bifold Product Details:
Bifold Fitting Instruction Details:
How to Fit a Bifold Door

Not all doors have a Paint N Peel facility for ease of decoration where required, all bifold door sizes include the track and larger than usual clearances for site fitting, call 01968 671681 for any clarification or assistance.

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