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                                                                                             Telephone (Max 4 Options) :+44 (0)1968 671 681

Call options are; 1: Sales & General Enq's, 2: Customer Delivery & Status Enq's, 3: Supplier Goods Inwards, 4: Supplier Accounts 

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Q. Can I call to place an order or ask a question instead of doing so online?

A. Absolutely but with the following restrictions, the maximum payment we will accept over the phone is £200, anything beyond this amount must be paid by BACS (bank) transfer, we can happily advise how easy this is, call us during our opening hours, Mon-Thu 8am to 4.30pm, Fri 8am to 3.30pm and Sat 9am to 2pm, phone 01968 671681, easy help with knowledge!

Q. What sizes of doors are available?

A. There are lots of sizes & thicknesses to consider so why not print and keep this pdf door size conversion guide?

Easy print, door size conversion table           

Q. My door is an awkward size, can you provide it?

A. Yes. Most types of ready-made doors can be trimmed to a smaller size but only to a certain extent and some doors can be trimmed more than others. We also provide bespoke internal and external doors which we show on our website or may be able to manufacture if not listed.  

Q. What is the delivery cost for doors?

A. NONE, door delivery is free throughout the UK Mainland, Islands are an extra cost. If ordering ironmongery or some joinery items by themselves then a small delivery charge may apply.

Q. What else can you provide besides doors?

A. We can provide door frames as well as handles, locking systems, latches, hinges and many other types of accessories to suit our extensive range of internal and external doors.

Q. How long does it take from ordering a door or other product to receiving the delivery?

A.  MOST DOORS - Delivery within 48 – 72 hours......... all included in the price. Bespoke internal doors normally take 10-12 weeks from order until delivery. Some other bespoke products can be much sooner such as glass pocket doors or composite external doors for example.

Q. How and when do you notify me about delivery?

A. We send an immediate confirmation of your purchase but will only contact you again as and when the products are ready for delivery. Customers normally receive a confirmation email 1 - 2 days before delivery stating a delivery day and then a follow-up text explaining whether it will be an AM or PM delivery slot. Some couriers that we use will call you to book this in with you prior to delivery.

Q. Should I arrange my carpenter before I have the goods.

A. Please do not arrange your carpenter until you are certain the goods have arrived, have been checked and are suitable for installation as you intended.

Q. What type of doors can I buy?

A. A simple click on our products tab at the top of this page or a click on our Directdoors.com logo will direct you to an overview of the categories into which we have divided our vast number of products.  You will discover a wide range of top quality internal and external doors made from a number of materials including oak, mahogany and PVC.  Using our “filters” and “search” facility will quickly narrow the options down too.

Q. How good is your packaging?

A. It depends on whether we have asked our supplier to deliver directly, in this case, they will have minimal handling so minimal packaging is required, on the other hand, if we are using a courier we edge protect ALL door edges, we then cover any glass with polystyrene sheets, next....we cover the whole door with two layers of bubble wrap and then finally two layers of cling film, an excellent job even if we do say so ourselves.

Q. Do you do discounts?

A. We can offer a direct delivery discount but only on a larger quantity of doors, just ask for clarification! Occasionally there may be a small seasonal discount voucher shown on the front page of our website, please keep an eye out for this.

Q. Can you make or cut doors or frames to size?

A. We can advise on how to adjust most doors to size and we make doors and frames in solid timber in a traditional joinery workshop. We can (see “my door is an awkward size”) make doors/frames to size.

Q. What if I don't like the product?

A. Any product can be returned (unless bespoke timber, bespoke fire, PVC or composite doors) but we must receive notification within 7 days of delivery and it must be returned by your own courier at your expense. Items must be received back in our care without damage in order to receive a refund and no refunds will be sent until the goods are received and checked for damage. In some instances, we can arrange a return by courier to try to help you out but a charge would apply. 

Q. What happens to my private details, email, address, card details etc?

A. We are part of the Trustwave system of controls regarding all data which Streamline the market leader in card services insist we comply with, your card details are never actually sent to us or viewed by us which means we have a very high-security system in place at all times.

We do not heavily use your email to try and pester you with future sales nonsense, an occasional reminder that we are here and happy to be of service is all you may receive, your details are never passed on to a third party.

Q. What is FSC, what do the initials against certain products stand for?

A. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, it is primarily a force for good as far as sensible control of the worlds timber resources are concerned, we will be adding our own registration to the site at the earliest opportunity.

Q. What is Part L?

A. Part L is the required level of insulation for doors and windows, Read more here

Q. I don't understand some of the terminology being used, can you explain?

A. Yes, we can, see below our pdf of this "Glossary of Terms" for wooden doors.

Q. Can I request a specific date for delivery prior to ordering?

A. There is a note section when placing your order where you can request dates, we cannot guarantee but courier would call you beforehand

Q. Do you offer a fitting/installation service?

A. No, we are 'supply only' BUT in some instances, we can provide pre-hung doorsets which will make installation much easier for your installer.

Q. Do you sell fire rated bi-folds/folding doors?

A. No, this is not something we can provide but at DirectDoors.com we never say never and we will always welcome customer suggestions as to the types of products that you want to see on our website.

Easy print, Glossary of door terminology