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A great range of external mahogany doors, traditional and modern.  Wherever possible they are FSC registered to provide a chain of custody from logging to installation.

Delivery is free to all areas within the mainland UK!  All of our standard model external mahogany doors are overveneered for stability, the core is always solid which provides for the most sustainable use of the world's timber resources.

Our External Mahogany Panel Doors are light in appearance whilst our glazed external mahogany doors are fitted with toughened safety glass as standard.  The latter are available as External Mahogany Single Glazed Doors, External Mahogany Double Glazed Doors and External Mahogany Triple Glazed Doors.

If you require solid timber sections take a look at our Made to Measure doors, they are always solid sections not veneered.  This is a more expensive option than ordering the regular sizes but they are also hand made to your specific requirements.  Our in house carpenters are highly skilled and have the ability to complete a wide range of adjustments under a short time frame.

After more than 25 years in the industry we are well placed to help with your queries.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at info@directdoors.com or call us on 01968 671 680.  You will discover that we also stock the best internal mahogany doors around within our fantastic mahogany doors range.

Measuring Doors- Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes: Diy Video Section 

Call 01968 671681 for assistance.

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