External Door and Frame Sets - External Wooden Door and Frame Sets

A new & exciting range of oak front door sets or hardwood front door sets, doors and frames with matching side insets & doors all combined as one to give you a choice of styles second to none.

The "Univest" frame is a Meranti hardwood and the "Uniovest" frame which we class as Oak is a bleached Meranti hardwood to compliment an oak door.

Just let your imagination wander, think of what you really want for your front door set or back door set and we can probably create it, the choice of oak or hardwood, with glass or just panels, lots of frame sizes and expert staff to help you along the way.

Delivery for most door sets is within 48 - 72 hours......... all included in the price.

All single side screens can be fitted left or right and all double door sets can have the left or right door leaf opening 1st.

There are many other possibilities within our huge range of individual doors or door sets and door frame products to create something to suit you, your home and your pocket.

Just ask us at info@directdoors.com if you need a taller frame, we can help.

DIY tips for Renewing a door frame.

Wooden door sets installation instructions, Pre-purchase Details, Technical Details...... all supplied!

Measuring Doors- Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes: Fitting a Multi Point Lock: 

Call 01968 671681 for assistance.

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