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After years of development, we are delighted to bring you a range of top quality GRP composite doors that can be retrofitted to existing timber frames.

With all of the looks of a traditional timber door but none of the maintenance worries, our new range of composite doors adds an exciting new option to the replacement door market. These GRP doors are as easy to fit as a standard timber door and come in four styles across a fantastic range of colours and wood grain finishes.

Another benefit is that there is no need for full frame sets, as these GRP doors can be fitted to existing timber frames. To facilitate this, the doors can be trimmed by an impressive 60mm, 20mm on each side, 20mm top and 40mm bottom. Of course, should you wish, matching sidelights are available to suit each style.

Why choose composite doors and can you compare composite doors with wooden doors?

If you compare GRP composite doors to their wooden counterparts they are superior in both security and durability as they are not prone to warping and are highly dent resistant, this also reduces the amount of maintenance needed over the life time of the door. 

The GRP composite doors can also provide a higher degree of heat insulation, estimated at around 6 times greater than their wooden door counterparts which can help lower your energy bills, all these properties result in a very high quality option and one that can help add to the value of any property, should you decide to have composite doors fitted we can offer genuine first hand experience to guide you through the process.


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