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This section is dedicated to the professional Builder or Architect who may require multiples of these door products for new build or renovation projects, we are able to offer discounts for multiples of these doors when ordered in a batch.

Please note that all door sizes in this section are overall including any frame.

Customers using this exterior door sets section must know how to measure frames, supply details of "handing" for doors / frames and know the difference between a "Sill" or "Threshold" and a "Weather bar", it is also incumbent on any purchaser knowing how and when to order a disabled type sill for any of these front door sets or rear doors sets in regards to new build regulations.

Wooden door sets: Please be aware that depending on what configuration you are fitting, eg: double doors or a door with a side screen you may have two very small holes in the head or cill frame section that will require filling.

Our External Timber Door Sets and External French and Folding Door Sets may be supplied without decoration unless stated otherwise, in the case of the single timber door sets you can choose to add the decoration as you go through the buying process.  Our External PVC and Composite Door Sets are of the highest quality and very long lasting.

Measuring Doors- Instructions: Easy Print - Door sizes: Fitting a Multi Point Lock: 

Call 01968 671681 for assistance.

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