Interior Coloured Door Pairs - Double Doors

The range includes images showing the following options:

  • An ever expanding range of coloured door pairs that are available in various styles and finishes.
  • Two doors "butted" together, this means they are two single doors shown as a pair and meet as simply as possible when closed.
  • Two doors with the "pairmaker" option, this is a "T" shaped section that you add to the centre of the two doors to form a "rebate" where the doors meet.

The whole point of what we do is to offer choice at all times, we make each and every product as clear as possible to explain what the finish or construction is and never ever ask you to place an order unless you are totally happy with your eventual choice.

Notes regarding door colour finishes:

  • Lots of door pairs are are fully decorated, just read each product for clarity.
  • Some doors are primed in a colour and as beautiful as the finish of those particular doors may be they are recommended for full decoration in the "RAL" colour that we provide so you get a perfect match.
  • Masses of double doors in a mix of Oak or Walnut panel inlays, some are vertical and others are horizontal inlays.
  • Door pairs with laminated faces for that extra durability.
  • Pairs with not just colours but a mix of veneers and colours.

We offer unsurpassed options with regard to door pair sizes, there will also be a full range of made to measure coloured door pairs within this "Double Doors" section in the near future.

The all new "Colour Choice" Door Pair Range:

A new bespoke interior door pair range has been released and will be expanded, guaranteed to offer you something new - the option to add the colour of your choice from a pallette of up to 11 colours allowing you to create a bespoke coloured door to suit you, more expensive but tailored to suit you and your home.

Important Note:

These doors are shown as a pair to allow you to visualise the impact they could have on your home, there is a "pairmaker" component which can be bought seperately, make sure you order the "Coloured Pairmaker" if ordering from the available selection so it matches your doors.

This pairmaker item will allow you to add it to the door edge where the door pair meets in order to form a rebate - in effect an overlap in the middle - be aware the "pairmaker" adds a minimum 10mm to the overall widths shown.

This double door range (depending on choice) uses white or oak doors and up to the minute colours in a novel and creative way, the door choice will dictate the option to choose from 6 or 11 different colours.

Please note: when doors are ordered they cannot be cancelled even although it is a 3 week delivery, the 3 weeks schedule is due to shipping and the finishing and drying process begins almost immediately.

We will also offer these doors in our fire door, pocket door, folding door and door pairs sections in the near future.

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