Vancouver Walnut 4L Door Pair with Clear Glass and Pre-finished

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This interior Vancouver walnut 4L door pair is also available in a slightly different but complimentary styles as a fire door, the finish on the walnut veneer is fantastic and made all the better by the typical grain in the walnut.

All Vancouver walnut 4L doors with clear glazing are fully finished and they are really nice examples of a simply styled walnut door, it doesn't need anything else to sell it.

Sizes are 1220mm, 1372mm, 1524mm, and 1676mm for the 35mm thick doors, a great door pair at a great price.

Note: These are two wooden doors and as such we cannot guarantee a perfect colour match, real wood veneers and the grain will therefore vary, that is the beauty of wood. 

Please note: these doors simply butt together when closed. There is no pairmaker available.

See a full range of handles here and other door fittings here.

          Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
          Construction All doors are 35mm or 40mm thick depending on your choice, cores are semi solid/solid MDF or similar with a quality timber veneer or a surface material for painted and white versions.
          Adjustment All edges allow safe trimming by a small margin each side and the top/bottom.
          Price The price quoted is for the pair of doors, any glass shown is pre-installed in the doors.
          Size The sizes listed are "tight" for the overall door pair.
          Thickness 35mm
          Guarantee 12 months

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          1981x1220x35mm (WALVAN4L24-2-OAKPM) RRP: £815.13 £724.56
          1981x1372x35mm (WALVAN4L27-2-OAKPM) RRP: £815.13 £724.56
          1981x1524x35mm (WALVAN4L30-2-OAKPM) RRP: £815.13 £724.56
          1981x1676x35mm (WALVAN4L33-2-OAKPM) RRP: £815.13 £724.56
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          2 Frames (Optional)

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          Just a frame on its own. You can also choose from our full range of compatible fittings, or opt for none at all.
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