Swept Top Grained Pvc Door - Ebony Jet Style Toughened Glass

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Available with toughened Clear or toughened obscure stippolyte glass and a choice of leadwork in Gold, Silver or White, the leadwork images are for guidance only, Internal pvc doors with quality built in.

All doors are made to order, Maximum sizes are 2070mm high and 864mm wide, minimum sizes are 1855mm high and 630mm wide, handles, hinges and latches are extra.

Swept Top Pvc Door with Grained Faces-Ebony Jet Style Glass, No painting.

Please see edge trim close up image, these are removable to allow door adjustment.

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White Colour (NESHASTEBOJET) RRP: £345.27 £306.90
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Between 740mm and 870mm

Between 1830mm and 2070mm


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