Exterior PVC Kishorn Two Valli Door

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The Pvc Kishorn Two Valli door is one of those which looks lovely in a front or a rear entrance with added reinforced panels to give extra security at no extra cost.

All our Pvc doors are delivered free of charge to UK mainland.


1Price (Required)

Unit price Quantity
Kis 2 Valli, White in/Out (WBKISET128) RRP: £795.14 £706.79
Kis 2 Valli, White in/Oak Out (WBKISET128WM) RRP: £946.49 £841.32
Kis 2 Valli, Oak in & Out (WBKISET128MM) RRP: £1005.46 £893.74
+  £0.00

2Cill below the door (Required)


The cill size is the overall size of the cill. That is, the size from the inside to the outer edge, not just the overlapping section. All 85mm, 150mm and 180mm sill extensions may be supplied loose for site fitting.

3Handing (Required)

4Handle colour (Required)

5Letter plate (Required)


This will be the same colour as the handles

6Size (Required)

Between 810mm and 950mm

Between 2020mm and 2150mm


These should be the overall dimensions including the PVC frame

7Types of glass (Required)

No types of glass selected yet.

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This is the glass that forms the backing pane to prevent anyone seeing in to the house.

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