Portici Walnut Fire Door, Aluminium Inlay, Half Hour Rated, Prefinish

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Delivery; 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

The Portici Walnut door has a very distinctive and highly modern aluminum inlay on a decorative walnut veneer, this version is 1/2 hour fire rated and can only add safety for the home, delivered for free.

Email us for details of frames to suit Portici internal walnut veneered fire door, give us as much information as possible.

Portici Walnut Veneer Door, some planning and fire authorities require Intumescent fire and smoke seals to be fitted to the top and sides of the Portici internal walnut fire door, they may also want door stops to be 25mm thick and some form of door closer will be required, please remember that the hinges have to be up to a suitable fire standard. 


Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Construction Walnut Veneered Face with aluminium inlay, composite solid core.
Thickness 45mm
Guarantee 12 months
Fitting Tip Some doors have a very small frame at all edges and have a designated hinge side and lock side, be careful when fitting.
Fire rated

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1981x686x45mm (PFWALPOR27-FD) RRP: £509.39 £452.78
1981x762x45mm (PFWALPOR30-FD) RRP: £509.39 £452.78
1981x838x45mm (PFWALPOR33-FD) RRP: £509.39 £452.78
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