Pattern 10 Oak 1 Pane Door with Clear Safety Glass

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We have supplied this pattern 10 oak 1 pane door for many years and it continues to prove very popular for most types of home but especially the modern home, it offers quality and style at a truly affordable cost.

The pattern 10 oak 1 pane door is veneered on a solid core which ensures stability in every location including bathrooms, it is a simple but nonetheless attractive 1 pane oak door.

This pattern 10 oak 1 pane door is available in the following widths, 305mm, 610mm, 686mm, 711mm, 762mm, 838mm, 813mm, 726mm and 826mm.


Thickness 35mm or 40mm
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours and free to anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and Export by arrangement.
Construction Veneered on a solid core
Guarantee 12 months

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1981x305x35mm (GOSHAP1012C) RRP: £214.66 £190.81
1981x610x35mm (GOSHAP1024C) RRP: £270.49 £240.43
1981x686x35mm (GOSHAP1027C) RRP: £270.49 £240.43
1981x711x35mm (GOSHAP1028C) RRP: £270.49 £240.43
1981x762x35mm (GOSHAP1030C) RRP: £270.49 £240.43
1981x838x35mm (GOSHAP1033C) RRP: £270.49 £240.43
2032x813x35mm (GOSHAP1032C) RRP: £270.49 £240.43
2040x726x40mm (GOSHAP10726C) RRP: £284.82 £253.16
2040x826x40mm (GOSHAP10826C) RRP: £284.82 £253.16
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2 Frames (Optional)

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  • Escutcheons/keyhole shields
  • Vents
  • Finger plates

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