Lincoln White 3 Folding Doors Left - Clear Glass, 2078mm high - Variable Widths

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Nuvu Folding Doors, Lincoln style door and frame set with clear glass AND free delivery, they would be supplied without final decoration, the centre pane may be narrower than the single door image shown due to the use of the smaller door sizes within this product.

The doors used are all 1981mm high and 610mm or 686mm wide, this gives an overall opening requirement of 2078mm high and either 1902mm or 2130mm wide, the structural opening should therfore be 2083mm high and 2140mm wide

Frame and track may need cut to suit your specific choice of doors especially if using any door size below 686mm wide, the frame will be OAK not WHITE and will require painting.

Important Detail & Installation Instructions, print and keep. 
Size 2078mm high and either 1902mm or 2130mm wide overall, frame breadth is 34mm, frame legs may be supplied longer for site adjustment and any doors below 686mm will require the track and frame lintol to be adjusted.
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Notes The size listed above is for the overall door set which includes the oak frame but does not include the architrave.
Important All Nuvu items are supplied in kit form, not assembled, glass is pre-installed in the doors.
Construction Dowel Jointed, Heavy veneer on a solid core, all without final decoration.
Price The price quoted is for the doors as applicable, oak frame, track, fittings, glass which is pre-installed.
Door Thickness 35mm
Guarantee 12 months

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