Made to Order External Pattern 2XGG Door Pair with Toughened Double Glazing

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Basic design but very much in demand the External Pattern 2XGG door pair are ideal for those with awkward sizes. 

The 2XGG door pair are available in 3 different timbers as listed below and are supplied in its natural state ready for your choice of finish.

We deliver this product free to anywhere within the mainland UK!

The toughened double glazing is included and several glass types are available to choose from as you go through the buying process.

This door can be supplied at a lower price if you intend to fit your own glass, see the "Related Products" link below!

All external french door pair thicknesses are "nominal", they may vary very slightly from those which you may have specified.

The 2XGG doors come in the 3 different timbers listed below and is supplied in its natural state ready for your choice of finish.

Colour/Grain The timber types shown are Mahogany, Oak and Pine, please decorate each door in full prior to fitting including the top and bottom edges, after fitting you must redecorate any cut outs or adjusted areas such as edges etc.
Construction Full Mortice & Tenon
Guarantee 12 months
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service Made to order 14-21 Working days anywhere within mainland Uk, Islands by arrangement.
Handing Tell us which door is the main opening door, see the details at HANDING.
Size The sizes that you give below should be overall, not for the individual door leaf.
Price The price quoted is for the pair of doors.

1Doors 45mm and up to 55mm Thick & Timber Selection (Required)

Unit price Quantity
Mahogany 45mm Thick (EXTPR2XGG2000DG) RRP: £1568.41 £1,394.14
Pine 45mm Thick (EXTPR2XGG2000SYDG) RRP: £1476.66 £1,312.58
Oak 45mm Thick (EXTPR2XGG2000OAKDG) RRP: £1972.38 £1,753.22
Mahogany Max 55mm (EXTPR2XGG200058DG) RRP: £1962.18 £1,744.16
Pine Max 55mm (EXTPR2XGG200058SYDG) RRP: £1714.98 £1,524.42
Oak Max 55mm (EXTPR2XGG200058OAKDG) RRP: £2485.36 £2,209.21
+  £0.00

2Dimensions (Required)

Between 915mm and 1700mm

Between 1800mm and 2150mm


Please enter the required dimensions in millimetres. Most sizes can be made to order.

If you need a door that's bigger or smaller than these sizes, enter your required dimensions, choose the rest of your door preferences, and you may be able to get a quotation instead of placing an order.

3Handing (Required)

4Types of glass (Required)

No types of glass selected yet.

+  £0.00

5 Frame (Optional)

Recommended if you want more choice

Just a frame on its own. You can also choose from our full range of compatible fittings, or opt for none at all.
+  £0.00

All door frames are made to measure.

6Handles (Optional)

No handles selected yet.

+  £0.00

7Hinges (Optional)

No hinges selected yet.

+  £0.00

8Latches/Locks/Bolts (Optional)

No latches/locks/bolts selected yet.

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  • Letterboxes
  • Latches/locks/bolts

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