Lara Walnut Fire Door with Horizontal Grooves is Pre-Finished and 1/2 Hour Fire Rated

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This Lara Walnut interior fire door is fully finished and has a solid core.

All our fire doors are certified as single doors and our door suppliers are able to provide proof of performance showing the individual door successfully completed a rigorous fire test to the current standards, the certification relates to a single door and a dialogue should be undertaken with your planning and / or fire officer as to the requirements for compliance but most importantly fire door matching pairs cannot be rebated.

See a full range of handles here and fire door fittings here

All single fire doors must be fitted with the correct level of fire & smoke seals as well as the correct frame and hinges, sizes are overall tight and without any clearance gaps allowed for fitting.

JB Kind Walnut Flush Veneer Door Information

      Thickness 44 - 45mm
      Supplier Delivery Timescale Delivery; 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
      Construction Standard core is the base level core consisting of a frame (usually pine) with honeycomb infill and moulded panel or MDF sheet on the outside.
      Guarantee 12 months
      Fitting Tip Some doors have a very small frame at all edges and have a designated hinge side and lock side, be careful when fitting.
      Fire rated

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      1981x610x45mm (WLAR20FD30) RRP: £431.21 £383.29
      1981x686x45mm (WLAR23FD30) RRP: £431.21 £383.29
      1981x762x45mm (WLAR26FD30) RRP: £431.21 £383.29
      1981x838x45mm (WLAR29FD30) RRP: £431.21 £383.29
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      Just a frame on its own. You can also choose from our full range of compatible fittings, or opt for none at all.
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      All fire door frames are made to measure.

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