Granada Oak External Double Door and Frame Set with Bronze Tinted Leaded Safety Double Glazing

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Delivery; 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement. 

The "Univest" frame is a Meranti hardwood and the "Uniovest" frame which we class as Oak is a bleached Meranti hardwood to compliment an oak door.  

The Granada oak exterior double door with bronze tinted leaded style double glazing is a stunning looking door ideal for front and rear doors, the timber itself is an undecorated real american white oak veneer for your paint or stain over a solidly constructed engineered core.

This Granada oak bronze tinted leaded exterior double door is popular for traditional homes but can also be used for new builds and like all of our doors is delivered free to anywhere on the UK mainland.

The door pairs can be fitted with or without the extra "pairmaker" planted rebate for site fixing, using the pairmaker adds 15mm to the "tight" wide sizes listed and not using it means that the doors will just "butt" together where they meet, the doors can open away or towards you and with the left or the right hand as the slave door, this "pairmaker" item may need cut to height and is supplied without decoration.

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Normal Availability for our Delivery Service 48 - 72 Hours and free anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
U-Value Indicative Guide Only 2.9W/m²K
Price The price quoted is for the pair of doors and frame, any glass within the door is pre-installed, the frame is supplied in kit form.
Size The sizes listed are "tight" and for the overall pair and frame without the additional pairmaker.
Thickness 45mm

1Size (Required)

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2058x1753mm (OGRATG33-2-UNIOVEST) RRP: £1874.99 £1,666.66
2109x1703mm (OGRATG32-2-UNIOVEST) RRP: £1874.99 £1,666.66

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    We show the door size and the overall frame size as "tight" without any clearances, not included in the cost is the weather bar, lock system, hinges and handles, they are shown for display only.

    2External Pair Maker Rebate Set, to form an external door pair (Optional)

    No external pair maker rebate set, to form an external door pair selected yet.

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    A timber component to form a rebate where the doors meet in the middle.

    3Fittings (Optional)

    No fittings selected yet.

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    • Letterboxes
    • Hinges
    • Latches/locks/bolts
    • Handles
    • Security chains
    • Draught excluders
    • Bell pushes

    Letter plates should always be fitted to the middle rail of the door or within the bottom rail of any door that does not have a middle rail.

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