Exterior Virtuoso Claston Rossini Composite Door, shown in Anthracite Grey

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We deliver this exterior door for free, ANYWHERE MAINLAND UK!

Fully recyclable, no lead contained in this doors production.

12 Colours to choose from - Modern or Traditional - You Choose!!!

All doors have superior handles, Hinges and Lock system so that they all comply with the "Secure By Design" police standard.

All doors come with a white Pvc frame, the inner face of the door leaf is always White unless you choose otherwise, all your sizes must include the overall pvc frame size, the image shown is hinged on the right viewed from outside, any doubts, ask!.

Beautiful Woodgrain effect, shown in Anthracite Grey , handles / lock are "Paddock style" lever lift and not the split spindle operation type, doors are only locked when the handle is operated correctly and the key turned to lock position.

Note; For doors with glass. After completing the building of your door as set out at the "Build your door" section below you will be given the opportunity as you go through the buying process to add the "Backing Glass" to the toughened security double glazing for any doors that have glass, this is the inner pane of glass to prevent visitors from seeing in to the house.


Guarantee 10 Year full Guarantee on the pvc frame, 5 years on delamination, 1 year on the locking mechanism and the hardware, 5 years on the Double Glazing.
Locking Handle operated Paddock Security Locking as standard, see lock operation details in main product paragraphs above.
Handles Stylish handle to your colour choice, see lock details above.
Frame Breadth, from inside to outside The main frame will be White Pvc 70mm profile as standard.
Thresholds Threshold weather bar below the door as chosen by you.
Hinge Three high security hinges with 3D adjustability.
U-Value IU1.8W/m2K2 Indicative.
Letter Plate If required, a top quality letter plate will match the handle colour.
Door The door is a woodgrain textured finish, virtually indistinguishable from wood.
Construction Composite construction of 44MM thick GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastic.

1Door Colour on outside face (Required)

Unit price Quantity
Red (EXTCSIMCLAROSRED) RRP: £1106.78 £983.81
Green (EXTCSIMCLAROSGRE) RRP: £1106.78 £983.81
Blue (EXTCSIMCLAROSBLU) RRP: £1106.78 £983.81
White (EXTCSIMCLAROSWHI) RRP: £1106.78 £983.81
Black (EXTCSIMCLAROSBLA) RRP: £1106.78 £983.81
Darkwood (EXTCSIMCLAROSPAR) RRP: £1106.78 £983.81
Anthracite Grey (EXTCVIRCLAROSANT) RRP: £1240.44 £1,102.62
Sage (EXTCVIRCLAROSSAG) RRP: £1240.44 £1,102.62
Plum (EXTCVIRCLAROSPLU) RRP: £1240.44 £1,102.62
Olive (EXTCVIRCLAROSOLI) RRP: £1240.44 £1,102.62
Slate (EXTCVIRCLAROSSLA) RRP: £1240.44 £1,102.62
Sky Blue (EXTCVIRCLAROSSKY) RRP: £1240.44 £1,102.62
+  £0.00

2Cill below the door (Required)


The cill size is the overall size of the cill. That is, the size from the inside to the outer edge, not just the overlapping section. All 85mm, 150mm and 180mm sill extensions may be supplied loose for site fitting.

3Handing (Required)


IMPORTANT : Please read this information : what is handing?

Hinges will match the handle colour.

4Handle colour (Required)

5Letter plate (Required)


This will be the same colour as the handles

6Size (Required)

Between 850mm and 1015mm

Between 1995mm and 2105mm


These should be the overall dimensions including the PVC frame

7Types of glass (Required)

No types of glass selected yet.

+  £0.00

Total price

The total price for your selection is:

£0.00(inc VAT)