Double Pocket Shaker Oak 4 Panel Door - Prefinished

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All pocket cassettes are kerbside delivery only and not in to the home..... doors are delivered separately.  

All doors slide open left and right, delivery will be from at least two separate suppliers.

Our all new Interior Double Pocket Door System have a free delivery as standard, these pocket doors come with full fitting instructions and the door system allows you to slide the doors straight in to a cavity in a preformed wall aperture, the system incorporates a galvanised steel cassette section and a track set with all fittings and the door may be supplied with full decoration but no decor is included to the cassette system parts or its frame, check each door as you browse for the exact details.

See our "Dimensions PDF" for all sizes but use as a guide only.

The Eclisse pockets are available in two standard widths for a finished wall thickness of either 100mm or 125mm.

The idea is to build the pocket to the same thickness as the studwork - 75mm (3") or 100mm (4") - which are the two standard studwork sizes generally in use, so that you can directly continue the standard 12.5mm plasterboard over the pocket providing the finished wall thickness of either 100mm (4") or 125mm (5").

Further layers of plasterboard can be added to increase the overall wall thickness. The inner door cavity (where the door slides in to the cassette pocket) is therefore 58mm or 83mm.

Other items such as damper units to close the door slowly, simultaneous openers for pocket door pairs and flush door pulls can all be purchased separately, doors will require a routered channel to be created in the bottom of the door to accommodate the track guide.

The twin pocket door frame has to be concealed with your own wall and architraves when installing.

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Pocket Door System Detail & Instructions:

Dimensions PDF Fitting instructions PDF Cassette assembly
Door installation Co-ordination system installation Soft Close installation

Door Thickness 35mm or 40mm door (depending on choice and availability) and a frame section of 100mm or 125mm external dimensions/58mm or 83mm internal door cavity.
Notes The sizes listed above are for the overall door and pocket set which includes the metal pocket frame but does not include the architrave or plasterboard, all doors require a groove to be cut in the bottom for the track guide to fit.
Important All pocket door items are supplied in kit form, any glass is pre-installed in the door.
Normal Availability for our Delivery Service Delivery may be from 2 or more suppliers, 48 - 72 Hours, free on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.
Construction Door has a heavy oak veneer on a solid core and some doors may be supplied with full door only decoration depending on the actual door chosen, the frame system is without decoration.
Adjustment Doors will require a routered channel to be created in the bottom of the door to accommodate the track guide.
Price The price quoted is for the double door, twin pocket system cassette, all track fittings but no handles, any glass shown is pre-installed in the doors.
Guarantee 12 months

1Door Size and Structural Frame Section Size (Required)

Unit price Quantity
2056x2816mm Wide/686mm Door (PFINTOSHA4P27-PS2) RRP: £1192.40 £1,059.91
2056x3168mm Wide/762mm Door (PFINTOSHA4P30-PS2) RRP: £1192.40 £1,059.91
2056x3320mm Wide/838mm Door (PFINTOSHA4P33-PS2) RRP: £1206.70 £1,072.62
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An oak veneered door pair with internal solid core and metal pocket frame.

2Overall wall thickness (Required)


Please choose either 100mm (FJsizeS-100) or 125mm (FJsizeS-125).

3Fittings for Sliding Pocket Doors (Optional)

No fittings for sliding pocket doors selected yet.

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A small selection to allow you to complete your personalisation of the chosen door.

4Pocket Door Extras (Optional)

No pocket door extras selected yet.

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These items can be applied to any Scrigno pocket door to allow for improved operation.

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