Eco Wenge Double Pocket Doors - Prefinished

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All doors can slide open left or right, you decide when installing them, delivery will be from two separate suppliers.

Our all new Interior Double Pocket Door System has a free delivery as standard, these pocket doors come with full fitting instructions and a beautiful Double Pocket Eco Wenge sliding door system in three sizes, this door system allows you to slide the door straight in to a cavity in a preformed wall, the system incorporates a galvanised steel frame section and a track set, the door can slide left or right when positioned correctly, the door would be supplied with full decoration.

All door systems require a structural opening of 2080mm high and widths of either 2832mm, 3084mm or 3536mm to suit actual door sizes of 2 @ 1981x686mm, 2 @ 1981x762mm or 2 @ 1981x838mm respectively, the frame breadth within the wall cavity is 125mm and the section size required is 70mm.

Other items such as damper units, simultaneous openers for pocket door pairs and flush door pulls can all be purchased separately.

The pocket door frame has to be concealed with your own wall and architraves when installing.

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Pocket Door system Detail & Instructions

Dimensions PDF Fitting Instructions PDF

1Door Size and Structural Frame Section Size (Required)

Unit price Quantity
2080x2832mm Wide/686mm Door Pair (ECWEN23-PS2-686) RRP: £1690.17 £1,502.38
2080x3084mm Wide/762mm Door Pair (ECWEN26-PS2-762) RRP: £1690.17 £1,502.38
2080x3536mm Wide/838mm Door Pair (ECWEN29-PS2-838) RRP: £1690.17 £1,502.38
+  £0.00

2Delivery Timescales (Required)


Most doors are delivered within 72 - 96 hours but this supplier can take up to a maximum of 7 working days to deliver depending on location, islands cost extra and are by arrangement.

3Fittings for Sliding Pocket Doors (Optional)

No fittings for sliding pocket doors selected yet.

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A small selection to allow you to complete your personalisation of the chosen door.

4Pocket Door Extras (Optional)

No pocket door extras selected yet.

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These items can be applied to any JB Kind pocket door to allow the guide for the sliding track to operate properly and save doing the work on site.

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