Cottage Oak Door with Black Leadwork Bevelled Tri Glazing and Frame with One Unglazed Side Screen

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Delivery; 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

Allow youreslf the flexibility to fit the frame side screen to the left or the right and the same with the hinges, you decide when installing.

A boarded door design for maximum stability, with a small triple glazed water glass design surrounded with black caming all within the double glazing and an engineered core construction for greater strength and stability.

Kit Components; This Cottage Tri Glazed door and frame set with unglazed side screens is sold in kit form, the door is fitted with the glass as shown, the frame side screen does not have the glass supplied or fitted, lastly the main frame is in kit form ready to construct.

Sizes & Possible adjustments; The frame and side screen can be adjusted on site to suit all the sizes shown below

The overall frame heights, widths and details are shown below and also contained in the pdf below. 

All beading is provided and all vertical jambs can be positioned at any point across the head or sill to suit either size of door.


Fitting Instructions PDF Pre-Purchase Info PDF

1Size of Door and also Frame Size (Required)

Unit price Quantity
1981x762mm - 2067mm high x Max 2179mm wide overall frame (TGOCOT30-UG1-OSLFR78) RRP: £922.92 £820.37
1981x838mm - 2067mm high x Max 2179mm wide overall frame (TGOCOT33-UG1-OSLFR78) RRP: £922.92 £820.37
2032x813mm - 2118mm high x Max 2179mm wide overall frame (TGOCOT32-UG1-OSLFR80) RRP: £922.92 £820.37
+  £0.00

We show the door size and the overall frame size, not included in the cost is the side aperture glass, weather bar, lock system, hinges and handles, they are shown for display only.

2XL Joinery External Oak Door & Frame Treatment Kit (Optional)

No xl joinery external oak door & frame treatment kit selected yet.

+  £0.00

Oak Door and Frame Decorating Kit - Base Coat -Top Coat - End Grain Sealer

3Fittings (Optional)

No fittings selected yet.

+  £0.00
  • Letterboxes
  • Hinges
  • Handles
  • Security chains
  • Draught excluders
  • Bell pushes

A small selection, please be sure to order correctly, letter plates should always fitted to the middle rail of the door or within the bottom rail of any door that does not have a middle rail.

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