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A massive range of fittings for security and draught excluders which are laid out in such a way as to make the browsing of the products easy and informative.

As with all things in the home your choice of door fittings is important in order to give the best impression, our door fittings can certainly do that.

On external doors we normally try and advise customers to keep the use of door fittings such as door knockers and finger plates to a minimum to prevent any maintenance problems, the use of other door fittings, door viewers and security chains have their obvious benefits, door fittings are a personal choice.

Our experience tells us that the minimum amount of door fittings achieves the best results.

On the more traditional doors such as the Maryland or Cottage to name but two, the use of door fittings in the form of false hinge fronts and false studs can give a door that "Country Cottage" look for minimum outlay.

When fitting pairs of door it is essential to be aware that a different type of door fittings such as a slip bolt or flush bolt will be required depending on whether the doors are internal or external.

Make sure when ordering door fittings in the form of letter plates that it complies with Royal Mail advice on the size of aperture.


Most of our door fittings, door knockers, letter plates, finger plates, keyhole shields, flush bolts, slip bolts, door chains and door viewers come in different finishes such as chrome or brass.

We stock or can source a vast amount of door fittings and all are guaranteed.                                

The use of the web site and the door fittings within it are fully compatible, in other words our door fittings are suited to the doors we sell, and are normally supplied loose for your joiner to fit.

The range of door fittings is endless and can be supplied as a secondary sale for any door fittings that may be required for doors other than those purchased with a door order.

The use of chrome door fittings is becoming more popular, however, brass door fittings remain the preferred choice, our range of black door fittings is growing, we also supply door fittings to suit pairs of doors, the door fittings are critical to the door operation, not all door fittings are suitable for door pairs.


A healthy door is a happy door

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