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Grey doors

For the last few years grey has become a very popular colour choice for interior design. This trend started about 5 years ago, initially on walls, then in accents of rugs and pillows, then on furniture in upholstered chairs and couches, after that cabinetry and backsplashes have showcased gray beautifully and most recently you can notice a trend of painting interior doors gray - see these amazing examples below!



Gray is a neutral and it simply goes with everything and If you want to gain a calm but elegant effect use it with other neutrals: off-white and beige.


It is an excellent cool color to balance the warmth of wood tones and black accents.


From grey walls to grey floors, this eternal neutral colour is not going anywhere. It will always make your living space look more sophisticated,.. 

With its stylish Scandinavian feel and neutral character is growing to be big maybe even biggest in the upcoming seasons. Works great with all the colours and materials from oak to walnut and from glass to gold furniture -  grey just cannot go wrong. 

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