Walnut Panel Doors

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We supply Walnut Panel Doors in a range of styles all delivered free within the mainland Uk!

These walnut panel doors look great and will complement a large spectrum of interior stylings.

If you need further advice about our walnut panel doors please take a look at our FAQ page.

  1. Frames availableJbk Symmetry Axis Walnut Shaker Panel Door, Prefinished
    Prices from£249.07Free delivery *
    4 size options View details
  2. Frames availableMadrid Walnut Veneer Door with Lacquer Pre-Finishing
    Prices from£287.05Free delivery *
    8 size options View details
  3. Frames availablePorto Walnut 1 Panel Door with Lacquer Varnish Finish
    Prices from£310.15Free delivery *
    3 size options View details

Best sellers

  1. Prices from£201.36Free delivery *
    5 Size options View details
  2. Prices from£287.05Free delivery *
    8 Size options View details

Further Information

An internal panel door is any door consisting of either a single panel and up to 6 panels per door, the panels can be flat which in most peoples eyes are classed as "Contemporary Panel Doors" or they may have what is known as "raised and fielded panels", this type of panel has what is best described as a "bevelled" edge surrounding a slightly raised centre panel section which all helps to give the panel a feeling of depth.

* Price shown based upon standard delivery to UK mainland. More info