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Distribution is from one of 46 depots throughout the UK.


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DirectDoors.com(tm) was formed during 1999 with the sole aim of allowing customers to have a one stop shop for all items relating to doors.

Most doors delivered within 48 - 72 Hours anywhere on the UK mainland, Islands and exports by arrangement.

DirectDoors.com has it all, well almost, whether you require an interior door, exterior door, a latch, a hinge, glass, a standard size door or a special sized door and frame, JUST ASK! Our massive range includes oak, mahogany and PVC doors amongst many others.

DirectPvcWindows.com (tm) was formed during 2009 and is the next step in our business expansion. 

The Directors have from the outset tried to offer the type of service which they would want, namely, quality, price, reliability and availability, with the help of our General Manager John McMillan, our Distribution Manager for the UK Robert Froude and all our staff we continue to do so.

The original company started with only 250 square feet of showroom space which doubled as a small office and had only one desk.

The business grew, or to be more precise, outgrew this space very quickly, after many alterations and movements to various locations, it has finally settled at the Edinburgh and Cambridgeshire addresses.

The showroom in Scotland has now been revamped and we now not only focus on being a web based company but a solid clicks and mortar company, this is a very positive decision for the future and we offer any customers visiting our premises the opportunity to browse on our web site in the comfort of our showroom with free use of our computer systems.

The company has also grown its manufacturing facilities from a mere 1,000 square feet, with fairly basic machinery, to the stage where it is now 25,000 square feet with offices, stock and equipment to match. 

The distribution facilities are based throughout England, Scotland & Wales.

DirectDoors.com recently completed four major projects. The first project was the introduction of new computer systems, including improved broadband links. These links allow real time knowledge of stock movements and availability, providing us and our customers with up to the minute information.

The second project was a new telephone system which allows more direct dialling so you as a customer can contact the person that can best fulfil your needs.

The third but most important project was the DirectDoors.com web site itself, a full rebuild at great expense, taking 15 months to complete. It has allowed us to improve the behind the scene systems to give all our customers a much smoother and professional experience. 

The fourth project was the development of our new DirectPvcWindows.com web site during 2009 and revamped during 2012 to facilitate the growth of our overall business in conjunction with the DirectDoors.com website, DirectDoors.com was created in the year 1999 but has regularly undergone major re-developments, we are now in the process of adding further "niche" product web sites to our business, this is probably the most exciting part of the business in terms of potential.

The DirectDoors.com and DirectPvcWindows.com web sites are strictly supply only and goods are delivered by us or our dedicated courier, the whole point of the site is to lower prices using electronic processed sales.

Having customers place their order on-line allows us to offer the best price and keep our staff to a minimum.

Please look at our DIY Advice pages which offer basic advice on fitting doors, however other advice is always available by email, fax, or phone. We will always continue to offer quality, price, availability and reliability.

We distribute doors, frames and fittings throughout the UK and abroad and only carry out installations within the Edinburgh and the Lothians. For further information click on Business Opportunities.

We hope our efforts help you to choose us as your preferred supplier. We will do everything we can to make sure you get the correct information, product and advice from all our staff.

We are here to help; if you don't see what you want on our site, Contact Us

We are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Registration number Z8701002. 

VAT at the prevailing rate added to all prices.

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